Workshops Starting Fall of 2018

Upcoming Classes for Academic Year 2018-2019

Islam For Activists

A Free One Spirit Educational Event on October 8


The Shaman's Mind

With Jonathan Hammond 2 sessions begin October 27.

To think like a shaman is to align with a magical spectrum of possibilities that is available to us in any given moment.

The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness

With Robert Atkinson 2 sessions begin December 1

Our world is changing at a perilous yet promising pace. Learn the key role that interfaith/interspiritual leaders are playing in moving humanity towards oneness and discover how you can ...

Radical Inclusion: Serving and Affirming the LGBTQIA+ Community

With Phoenix Rising Kawamoto on January 12

A 1-day workshop providing members of the One Spirit Community a safe space to cultivate deeper compassion and enhance their capacity to be inclusive of members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

L.O.V.E™: Abundance Thinking: Embracing Prosperity

With Lucinda Martin 4 sessions begin February 5

Explore your beliefs around money and expand your vocabulary (Language) by Opening to the abundance of support (Visions), removing fears around lack to embrace prosperity (Empowerment)--that's ...

Self-Healing Through the Chakras

With Diane Rooney on February 10

Self-Healing with Color Chakra Therapy and energetic color systems.

Holy Humor: Body Language and Laughter in Leading Rituals

With Barbara Michaels on February 23

Did you know 80% of communication is nonverbal? Step into clearer communication and learn how to use humor to connect more deeply with others.

Lucumi: Yoruba Traditions Transformed in the Americas

With Marta Moreno-Vega on March 9

Learn about one of the sacred traditions that has survived and thrived in the Americas – the beliefs of the Yoruba of West Africa.

Encountering the Tao

With David Wallace 4 sessions begin March 12

A seminar-styled close reading of one of the most cherished of the world's texts, the Tao Te Ching

Shamanic Reiki Master Practioner Training

With Jonathan Hammond 3 sessions begin March 29

Gain hands-on experience in healing work in this Shamanic Reiki Healing Master Practitioner Training.

Goddess: The Sacred Feminine

With Phyllis Curott 2 sessions begin April 27

At this time of greatest global need, the Goddess, ancient, universal, and embodied by creation, is returning.

The Work of Sacred Activism

With Sonia Ketchian, Tyrone Holmes and Laurene Williams on May 11

How do you make a difference and stay awake on the path?