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On behalf of the Admissions Team and the One Spirit community, we welcome you. We hope that you have had some time to explore our website and get to know our programs and community.

Whether you are being called to a higher level of service, or simply feel ready to bring mind and heart into harmony as you take your next steps, One Spirit will give you an understanding of your place in the world, a new way to create the life you most desire, and the skills and presence to humbly serve.

Our experienced Admissions Team is available in person, by phone or by email to provide a personal perspective on the One Spirit experience and to help you determine if Seminary or one of our other core programs is right for you.

212 . 931 . 6840 ext. 51 [email protected]

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary Graduates:

One Spirit graduates applying to the Interspiritual Counseling Program should contact the Admissions office at 212-931-6840 x 51 for an abbreviated application and reduced application fee.


One Spirit Learning Alliance welcomes all qualified adults, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. All applications are reviewed and each candidate is carefully considered. Acceptance into the program is based heavily on the applicant’s character and emotional and spiritual maturity.

  • A serious commitment to their spiritual life
  • A desire to be of service to the world
  • A recognition that there are many valid paths
  • A commitment to self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • A determination to grow and self-correct under a range of circumstances
  • A desire to deepen their understanding and experience of the Infinite Presence
  • An interest in bringing spirit into their relationships

Formal academic requirements are reviewed but not required for admission; however applicants must be able to communicate, read, and write at a post-secondary educational level. Building healthy community is an important part of the One Spirit experience. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the ability to function as part of a community. This entails a commitment to emotional and spiritual integrity, honest communication, and responsible speech and behavior.


Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year. Seminary classes begin every September. Past classes have been filled to capacity. Students are encouraged to APPLY EARLY to insure consideration. Please allow two to four weeks to complete the Admissions process.

To be considered for admission, please submit:

  1. A completed application form (can be downloaded from this website)
  2. A two to three page essay on your Journey of Consciousness including what you learned from your birth religion, psychology, or other life experiences; how those experiences and teachings have influenced you, practices that have been a meaningful part of your journey, how your relationships have played a part in your evolution, and a brief description of your current experience of consciousness in whatever way you understand that to mean.
  3. A resume or an outline of your work and educational history.
  4. A color 4x6 (4” wide by 6” high) headshot-type photo emailed as a .jpg @ 300 dpi, making sure your name is on the file.
  5. The appropriate application fee. You can pay by check, credit card or by PayPal, using the following form:

    Full Name of Applicant

    By March 31st: Early - $75


    April 1st - June 30th: Standard - $150

    After July 1st : Late - $250


  6. Two letters of recommendation on the One Spirit Letter of Recommendation form (can be downloaded from this website). Please give the letter of recommendation forms to two references, one personal and one professional, and have them fax, mail, or email the completed form to:

    Admissions Department

    One Spirit Learning Alliance
    247 W. 36th Street, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10018 Fax: (212) 931-6841 [email protected]
  7. After applications have been reviewed, prospective students will be contacted by admissions staff to arrange an in-person, telephone interview, or Skype. Interviews generally take one hour.

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Seminary/Interspiritual Counseling Application:

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Course Catalog:

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Recommendation Form:

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