A Message From Karim Beldjilali

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

As a member of the One Spirit graduate community that gives so generously of our time, talent and treasure, at some point it hits you once again: I’m getting back so much more. This life-giving cycle, paradoxical and at times confounding or seemingly elusive, transforms us and, in the silences, fills us with gratitude.

This is where I find myself as my term as Board President comes to an end. It has been such an honor to lead this organization through some major changes: maturing the organization's operations, finding an executive to lead the organization (our CEO, Ilene), collaborating with Diane to invite a new cadre of Seminary Deans (now in their second year!), and diversifying our Board and organization to further represent our community and those we serve.

All of this continues in the able hands of our next Board President, Rev. Brad Learmonth, who has served alongside me since 2015. We're very fortunate to have Brad’s vision and leadership continue to move us through One Spirit’s growth, and our Board of Directors is dedicated in addressing Diane’s succession and exploring new opportunities in the changing spiritual and educational landscape. You’ll be hearing more from Brad in the next few weeks as we begin a new year full of promise. And I will also stay engaged in ways that I can continue to serve as we move into the future.

So whether it is beauty, knowledge, diversity, truth, justice or some other ideal that compels / propels us, it is an honor to strive in giving what we can (and be miraculously sustained by that giving). I am grateful to each of you for your support, companionship and wisdom on this journey, as it continues to blossom in this beautiful community we love.