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What makes a good school?

“A school can educate in ways in which its curriculum cannot. It’s the soul of a school— its intangible persona, its character, its principles, its daily life over time, the impressions it makes, the efforts it inspires, and the moral authority it possesses— that helps mold a person into an educated, assured, humane, and caring adult.”

— Robert Lawrence Smith, A Quaker Book of Wisdom


Welcome to One Spirit. We’re thrilled that your search has led you here.

At One Spirit, you are invited to expand your own understandings, discover your essential oneness, and learn how to engage, lead, and live from a new more, holistic perspective.

We are living in a very exciting and compelling time. We desire to live less and less compartmentalized and divided, and more and more with a sense of connection and community. We recognize that the inner work we have been doing in the ashrams, in the retreat centers and on the yoga mats extends into our personal and professional lives. We understand that many people in our society seek a more meaningful life.

One Spirit’s heart-centered, experiential programs allow you to open your mind and heart to a deeper level of experience and inner wisdom that will inform you and guide your inner journey and foster skillful engagement and service in the world.

Our programs have so much to offer and we hope to become a part of the next chapter in your life.

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