Technical Requirements

In order to communicate effectively with other students and faculty, all students, attending or distance, must have the following technical capabilities:

  • A Computer
    • Windows computers should be equipped with XP Service Pack 3 or above
    • Mac computers should be running OS 10.5 or above
    • At least 1 Gh Processor or faster
    • At least 1 GB Ram
    • Ample hard drive space to download and save audiobooks and assignments: 500 MB (2 GB recommended)
  • Working knowledge of computers, especially the ability to access websites, to download and organize files, and to send, receive and manage email.
  • Broadband (high-speed) Internet Access (512Kbps recommended)
  • A Private, Personal Email Account - for privacy reasons, students may not use a shared email address or that of a friend or family member.
  • Software - click links below for download pages:
  • DISTANCE LEARNERS need a headset for their computer with a built in microphone for ease in classroom communication.
  • OPTIONAL: A mobile device for media playback - make sure that your mobile device can play the mb4 audiobook format
    • iOs devices from (iPod, iPhone, iPad) can play the audiobook format
    • Android devices must download an app to play the m4b audiobook format

Additional Requirements for Webinar Participation

One Spirit uses the Adobe Connect system to deliver webinars and webcasts. In order to make use of the system, please check that your technology meets the requirements listed on the following page, which contains a helpful test to check your system's readiness for webinar: