Tuition, Fees & Expenses

Interspiritual Counseling

Tuition: $2,500 per year

The 2018-2019 Tuition for Interspiritual Counseling is $2,500. Students are offered standard tuition payment plans of one payment, two payment or four payments due during the program year from August to June. In rare instances students can arrange other payment schedules with the Dean of Student Finance/Bursar after acceptance, providing the reasons for a variance.

Electives fee: $320

Electives are generally one weekend-day, full weekend, or multiple-evening courses offered by One Spirit. All students, both distance-learning and attending, are required to take 3 elective credits in each year of study. The electives fee includes 4 credits worth of electives.

Counseling & Supervision Fees : $150 per month for 4 months per semester

During all three semesters, you will need to be engaged in spiritual counseling for yourself. Additionally, after your first semester, you will begin to see pro-bono Spiritual Counseling clients for which you will need to also participate in monthly supervision sessions.

First semester students receive and pay for 8 spiritual counseling sessions from our in-house advisor team to prepare them for their role as spiritual counselors. During this time, students will benefit from learning and experiencing a comprehensive spiritual inquiry process that will anchor their skills and enhance their preparedness. Following the first semester, ISC students will be invited to choose from a diverse pool of experienced counselors and supervisors who have agreed to support the ISC students by offering their services at a special rate of $75 per session for counseling and $75 per session for supervision.

Foundations in Spiritual Inquiry Primer :$625 (first semester only)

All first semester students are required to take Foundations in Spiritual Inquiry, a foundational base to support you in launching your own counseling with greater ease, confidence and skillful inquiry into matters of spirit.

Graduation Fee for Second Year Students: $150

After completing the four semesters of work, graduates participate in a special commencement ceremony held in New York City’s historic Riverside Church.

Total Costs for Tuition and Fees (not including counseling or supervision fees paid directly to the provider)

  • First Year-$3445
    • Second Year-$2970
    • Application Fee

      Your non-refundable fee must accompany your application form.

      Classes start in September:

      • Before April 1 : $90
      • April 1 – June 30 : $150
      • After June 30 : $200

      Books: Prices vary

      Each semester of study has required texts and training manuals. Some books are available through the One Spirit bookstore and are also available commercially.