Distance Learning

On-site and Distance Learning Available : Live Online to Anywhere on Earth

The InterSpiritual Counseling program offers a robust and immersive distance learning option for students who don't live within commuting distance to the New York classroom.

Distance learning is inherently a different experience than in-residence study. It requires greater degrees of independence and self-initiative on the part of the student. Nevertheless, distance learning students find the InterSpiritual Counseling training program to be a rich and life-enhancing experience, and develop a strong sense of spiritual community with their classmates and colleagues over the course of the two-year training.

Distance learning students are encouraged to attend class whenever feasible.

Live Webinar

Students login to the class live, simultaneous to the class sessions in New York, using their computer and high speed Internet connection.  They are able to watch & listen to the class and are encouraged to participate live: they click a button to raise their hand and using a headset (required) ask questions in their own voice and participate in real time.

Faculty is always striving to enhance the in-class learning experience for the distance learners. To this end, distance learners have opportunities to be video-streamed into class for interactive demonstrations and presentations.

Recorded Audiobooks

All class sessions are professionally recorded as audiobooks and made available for download on demand. Please be aware that audiobook learning requires the student to set aside a committed 6 hours of uninterrupted listening time for each full day class session (12 hours for a full weekend) in addition to reading, homework and other requirements.  Students are required to notify their advisors when they have completed their audio class.

Though audiobooks are made available to all students as a method of learning when live participation is not possible (and for archival purposes for those in attendance), all distance learning students are required to participate live by webinar. “Real time” class participation is critical to create a vibrant group learning community and to grow the counseling competencies required for graduation.

Class Website

A dedicated and private class community website provides opportunities to interact with faculty and other students between class sessions. Students can download audiobooks, handouts, homework and supporting materials from the website each month. Discussions forums are provided for chat with fellow students about questions, assignments, presentations and related class topics.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Students, faculty and advisors frequently use Zoom, Skype, Facetime or other technologies to meet face-to-face at at distance using their computers and mobile devices.

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As a distance learner at One Spirit my heart and world opened up in so many ways. I can tell you that I never felt alone – I was always in contact with classmates, both fellow distance learners and classroom learners. My study groups became family in the best sense of the word: we held each other in safety but also challenged each other to do our best academically and personally. The class website discussions were always active with classmates commenting about assignments, supporting each other, and sharing opportunities.

Rev. Ana Ortiz