Fall 2017

Being an Interspiritual Counselor: The Skills of Authentic Presence

One weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm) each month from September 2017 through January 2018

We are being called to work that grows our capacity for loving presence and care in the face of life’s challenges and inner woundedness. The focus of this semester is to learn how to navigate skillfully the defenses of ego while reaching for the innate wholeness and inner Divine that is always present. Grounding this work in the stages of faith development anchors the work deeply in sacred service.

Course Content

  • Interspiritual Spiritual Counseling: Definitions and roles
  • Developing the client/counselor relationship and ethical considerations
  • Listening, nonjudgmental communication, inquiry
  • Working with images of God, Goddess, Divine
  • Working with client’s personal religious/spiritual history
  • Working with trauma, grief and loss
  • Working with resistance and defenses
  • The practice of forgiveness
  • Counselor self-care, resources, and career development

Spring 2018

Pathways to Soul and Spirit: Exploring Expressive, Somatic and Alternative Modalities in Spiritual Counseling

One weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm) each month from February 2016 through June 2016

There are so many wonderful modalities that cultivate presence and help our counselees strengthen and deepen their internal connection to  soul  and  spirit.  As  we  journey  towards  wholeness,  different “portals” become available at  various stages of the life cycle.   Expanding our  “tool  kit”  enables      us as      spiritual counselors  to  offer  the  most resonant options for our clients’ journeys as we learn to discern which “portal” is most receptive to change.

Course Content

  • Overview  of  alternative  modalities  for  facilitating  psycho-spiritual growth, healthy living and service
  • Resilience, meaning-making, and flourishing in transitions
  • Body/Spirit approaches to Interspiritual Counseling.  Learn how to help clients tap into the wisdom of the body
  • Creativity, Expressive Arts, and the healing power of the imagination
  • Continued maturation  in  one’s  personal,  transpersonal  and interpersonal domains of the life journey and continue to deepen how to work with others at different developmental stages
  • Practicing Self  Care  to  Promote  resilience,  creativity  and  work  life balance
  • Continuing to foster the practices of awareness, presence, and inquiry
  • Strengthening the counselor's ability to engage in life with courage and compassion
  • Continuing to clarify and build your Counseling Practice

Fall 2018

Interspiritual Counseling From Multiple Perspectives

One weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm) each month from September 2016 through January 2017

This semester explores various wisdom and psychological/ contemporary thought perspectives offering students a balanced range of diverse viewpoints.

Course Content

  • Exposure to diverse spiritual counseling perspectives. Sourced from the wisdom traditions, these may include: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism/Christianity, Islam, Sufism, Goddess, Shamanic, African, and Native American
  • Exposure to diverse spiritual counseling perspectives. Sourced from contemporary thought, these may include: Course in Miracles, Diamond Heart, Jungian, Transpersonal Psychology, and Twelve Step.
  • Deepening self- attunement, presence and open ended inquiry
  • Understanding "out of the ordinary" mystical spiritual experiences
  • Discerning and working with spiritual emergencies
  • Developing Diversity Competency
  • Growing Counselor Self Care and continue to clarify career development
  • Practicing counseling styles and receive in-class supervision

Spring 2019

The Illusion of the Separate Self:
Being in Relationship from Self to Family to Groups

One weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm) each month from February 2017 through June 2017

This semester focuses on the often challenging arena of family and group dynamics. Deepen your capacity to skillfully navigate the world of “we” in both your personal and professional lives. In contemporary life we are all involved with a myriad of organizations, groups and relationships. Clients seek assistance from counselors in these challenging areas in the hope of deepening their capacity to be authentic in relationship, and to balance healthy connections with healthy autonomy.

Course Content

  • Understand family life cycle stages, group dynamics and organizational structures
  • Learn how self-connection and family of origin influence how we connect, relate, or listen to the divine
  • Investigate assumptions, beliefs and defenses that impede communication and skillful action between individuals and in groups
  • Discover the natural role of resistance and learn how to more gracefully navigate resistant patterns within individuals and groups
  • Help counselees navigate more skillfully in the groups they are a part of - their family, school, organizations, congregations, and other community settings
  • Learn how to design, lead and execute inspirational workshops
  • Practice counseling styles and receive in-class supervision
  • Promote resilience, creativity and work life balance
  • Continue to foster the practices of awareness, presence, and inquiry
  • Strengthen the ability to engage in life with courage and Compassion

Working as a spiritual director in a Christian context for several years now, I am grateful for the complementary skill-set offered through the ISC programs’ broadly spiritual, immensely practical, and both psychologically and culturally-informed approach to preparing professionals to work for the happiness and wellbeing of others. Role play and opportunities for deep sharing about process and experience with the talented students who enroll at One Spirit are every bit as enriching!

Kathy Bozzuti-Jones