The Shaman’s Mind

The Shaman’s Mind


Transform your life with Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom

To think like a shaman is to align with a magical spectrum of possibilities that is available to us in any given moment. If we like what is happening, we can make it even better. And if we don’t, we can change it. Anything is possible.

And Huna, the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii, will teach you how to get there. A spiritual system of ideas, hidden knowledge, and shamanic practices, Huna offers us a gateway to personal growth, emotional and physical healing, co-creating our highest potential and manifesting our dreams.

Embedded in the Hawaiian spiritual tradition is the transformative practice of Ho’oponopono; a potent and multilayered healing modality that will open you to new ways of seeing and being. In this highly experiential and mind-expanding workshop, beginners and advanced practitioners alike will merge with the psyche of the shaman and discover the innate, inner power that lies within each of us. Learn to infuse your thinking with the spirit of Aloha, and step into the limitlessness that awaits!

The following will be covered over the course of this workshop:

  • The Seven Principals of Huna
  • The Three Selves - Ku, Lono, Kane
  • The Four Levels of Reality
  • The Ho’oponopono process
  • Haipule - Hawaiian magical spell work
  • Kahi Loa - Hawaiian magical touch
  • Divination with Stones and Shells

Suggested reading:
Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King

See an Interview with Jonathan Hammond


Rev. Jonathan Hammond is a New York City–based teacher, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual counselor. He is a graduate of the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Interspiritual Counseling Programs. He is a certified Master Teacher in Shamanic Reiki and core faculty for Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. He teaches across the U.S., including at One Spirit Learning Alliance and the Omega Institute, and runs spiritual retreats around the world. Jonathan holds certifications in Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism) and Cherokee Bodywork, and has completed the core curriculum with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He has studied privately with some of the most prominent teachers in North America and has apprenticed with shamans in Brazil, Peru, Bali, and Hawaii. He is deeply committed to empowering people by bridging indigenous and earth wisdom with the modern world. He maintains a full-time private practice in New York City. (

Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28, 2018 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
OneSpirit Elective Credit: 2.0
Available by: Attend in NYC Classroom or Join by Videoconference or Download Recordings (learn more about videoconference)
Price: General Public: $ 200.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 180.00

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If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected] or call 212-931-6840 x 0.