Who Do We Choose to Be: Claiming our Seat as a Warrior for the Human Spirit

Who Do We Choose to Be: Claiming our Seat as a Warrior for the Human Spirit


Act bravely and use your power and influence to champion the human spirit, using available resources to create islands of sanity wherever you can.

“Who do you choose to be for this time? Do you contribute to the deterioration of human capacity by your silence and compliance, or do you act bravely and use your power and influence to champion the human spirit, using the resources available to create islands of sanity wherever you can?”
—Meg Wheatley

Our great human capacities for generosity, caring, and creativity are often being ignored, denied, and oppressed. In this introduction to Meg Wheatley’s work, participants will be invited to explore identity as a Warrior for The Human Spirit and the practices that create the skillful means for this role.

These “Warriors” are leaders, activists, and other citizens who want to make a meaningful contribution in this time of increasing assaults on the human spirit and all life. Through practices to develop a stable heart/mind and through contemplation and reflection in large and small groups, this workshop will offer participants ways to integrate their existing practices into this new role as a defender and champion for people.

The workshop will unfold across four evenings and will progress as follows:

Session 1: Who do we choose to be in service to this time? (Meg Wheatley)

Session 2: Practices of a Warrior for the Human Spirit, I (Gabriele Ganswindt)

Session 3: Practices of a Warrior for the Human Spirit, II (Gabriele Ganswindt)

Session 4: Living Into the Warrior Identity as an interfaith minister/counselor (Meg Wheatley)

See an interview in which Meg and Gabriele discuss the importance and the details of the class. Learn what inspired Meg to write her latest book and begin teaching this course.

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For more information about Meg Wheatley and this important work: https://margaretwheatley.com/



Rev. Gabriele Ganswindt

Rev. Gabriele Ganswindt is a graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary (2008) and serves as an “underground” minister supporting leaders and professionals in both the USA and Europe as an executive, life, and legacy coach and organizational consultant. She is a psychologist by training and has been a life-long learner on how to inspire and foster life-affirming work places and noble leaders. She is president of Shared Learning International, an international leadership development firm near Boston. She has studied with Margaret Wheatley for 30 years and been in training as a Warrior for the Human Spirit since 2015. She serves as a senior student with Meg Wheatley. Most recently she created an “O.as.is” in her hometown, Wellesley, MA. It is a sanctuary, an island of peace and sanity bringing leaders and locals together in community to practice being peaceful warriors in these days. Gabriele is excited to bring this offering, a natural next step to deepen One Spirit ministry, to One Spirit at this time. (sharedlearningint.com)


Margaret “Meg” Wheatley

Margaret “Meg” Wheatley has worked globally since 1966 in many different roles, as a speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, adviser, and leader. Through these deep and varied experiences, she developed the unshakable conviction that leaders must learn how to evoke people’s inherent generosity, creativity, and need for community. She is a bestselling author of nine books, including Leadership and the New Science, and her latest, Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership and Restoring Sanity. She is cofounder and president of The Berkana Institute, a non-profit that supports emerging leaders and emerging ideas about how to organize in life-affirming ways. Berkana has worked in many countries, especially in the global South. Their newest work is to provide training and community for leaders from over 20 countries to take on the work of Warriors for the Human Spirit. Margaret received her doctorate from Harvard University in 1979 in Administration, Planning and Social Policy. She has received numerous awards from professional associations, universities, and organizations, and was inducted into the Leadership Hall of Fame of the International Leadership Association. The American Society for Training and Development named her a “living legend” and honored her with the highest award for contributions to workplace development. (www.margaretwheatley.com)

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