Funeral Planning as Spiritual Practice

Funeral Planning as Spiritual Practice


How can we help our families and ourselves face death? Spiritual traditions all over the world agree that contemplation on death makes life more conscious and meaningful. Sadly, we live in a death-phobic society, and people who postpone funeral discussions are then confronted with major decisions as they hold tissues in their hands. Join journalist/NY-licensed funeral director and celebrant Amy Cunningham in this eye-opening exploration of the fascinating trends within the $14 billion funeral business.

We'll take a tour of world funeral history to see how it has brought us to where we stand today and as we look into the future. We'll study the pros and cons of each legally available mode of disposition from green burial to cremation to hosting a funeral in your own home or even inviting loved ones to the funeral before death occurs. Interfaith funeral services are now the norm, and we'll see how that can strengthen the healing a funeral provides.

You'll learn about the rise of the green-burial movement and advocacy work that gives families greater control over care of the dead and gain concrete skills for planning a funeral whether you're a member of the clergy, a celebrant, or the person responsible for the arrangements of a family member.

Of course, talking about funeral preparations is incomplete without acknowledging the inevitability of our own death. In this class, we will clarify how we'd like our own bodies cared for in the hours and days after death. You'll leave this workshop with a clear notion of what is best for you, empowered to face your mortality with confidence and courage.



Amy Cunningham

**Amy Cunningham** is a NY-State licensed funeral director and celebrant who collaborates with families to help them create distinctive funerals and memorial services. She specializes in green burials in cemeteries certified by the Green Burial Council, simple burials within the NYC-Metropolitan area, home funerals and cremation services at Green-Wood Cemetery's gorgeous crematory chapels. She writes a blog called and founded Fitting Tribute Funeral Services.

Dates: Febuary 17th - 18th
OneSpirit Elective Credit: 1.0
Available by: Attend in NYC Classroom or Join by Videoconference or Download Recordings
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Price: General Public: $ 95.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 85.00

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