The Way of Illumination: The Sufi Method of Transformation

The Way of Illumination: The Sufi Method of Transformation


Join us for a deep immersion into the path of Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam.

"What you seek is seeking you."
- Rumi

Join us for a deep immersion into the path of Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam. From a Sufi perspective, we are all wayfarers on a journey to unite with the Divine. The Light of God (Nur allah) is the essence of all of creation. Merging with this radiant essence is the aim of most religious traditions.

Over the course of a nearly 1400 years, the Sufis developed a concise and detailed methodology of inner ascension. They divided the journey into 4 stages and 3 phases. First, establishing one's inner practice of prayer and meditation; second, moral heedfulness; third, asceticism; and, finally, the station of trust. The three phases included merging in one's Master, merging in the Prophet, and, finally, merging in God.

Paramount in this approach was the need to control the ego and the lower self, which at every moment seeks to distract the Sufi from his goal. We will review the 5 main practices used to control the ego or nafs and the special practices used to help purify the soul in order for this sacred union to occur.

Finally, we will review the inner methods of contemplation central to Sufism, including prayer, contemplation, and zikr, the repetition of sacred phrases. We will dive into some of the seminal key verses of the Qu’ran and come to know Islam as a religion of peace. Seekers from all walks of life are sure to develop an appreciation for this beautiful tradition as well as discover how its teachings can integrate into many spiritual paths.



Andrew Vidich

Andrew Vidich, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, educator, and transformational speaker in the fields of spirituality, mysticism, and death and dying. He is the author and/or editor of more than five books. Dr. Vidich has been an adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College and at Iona College in New Rochelle. He is a founding member of The Interfaith Council of New York as well as a member of the council of trustees of The Temple of Understanding, a global interfaith organization that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation across all religions and faiths. He is a member of the Board of Directors and the public relations coordinator for the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center in Amityville, New York. He has been practicing meditation for over 45 years under the guidance of three great spiritual teachers of the Sant Mat Lineage, including Sant Kirpal Singh, Sant Darshan Singh, and the current Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.

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