SHAMANIC POWER Awakening the EarthWisdom Within: With Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA.

SHAMANIC POWER Awakening the EarthWisdom Within: With Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA.


A Special Event of One Spirit's Shamanic Circle

Power is always knocking at our door; we just need to invite it in. The healing force of the Earth is humanity’s greatest source of power, inspiring fresh possibilities for how to live together on this planet.

In this highly experiential evening, we engage a life-changing journey into the deep mystery of the Earth, and our own power. Meeting the call of the times, we open to our authentic expression as we invite magic to come alive.

Borrowing from shamanic traditions from diverse lands, such as Siberia, South America and Tibet, and guided by heart, body and Earth, we nourish our soul direction - our worldly purpose. Using shamanic approaches we explore how to:

  • Greet the power that stalks us to embody new personal and cultural stories
  • Gather and ground power
  • Open to our instinctual wisdom
  • Ceremonially open to water’s intelligence
  • Integrate linear with sacred time

Join us in rooting deeply into our own, and the Earth’s deep mystery to touch the spirit of power and recover the passion that heals us, and our world.


Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA, a celebrated teacher of healing and shamanism, is the author of four books including Speaking with Nature, coauthored with Sandra Ingerman, recipient of the Gold Nautilus Medal. Her work incorporates experience as a psychotherapist, shamanic training with diverse indigenous cultures, study in Tibetan Buddhism, Western body-mind transformational approaches, and wisdom derived from living intensively in wild nature. For 20 years she has led sacred journeys to indigenous peoples living in remote regions of the Amazon basin, the Asian steppes, high Andes, and the ancient lands of the Maya. Initiated into Quehcua and Siberian shamanic circles, she holds a masters degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology, and served as adjunct faculty for Union Graduate School and the Graduate Institute. Llyn wrote the Independent Publisher’s award winning book Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, The Good Remembering, and the best selling, Shamanic Reiki. She is cofounder of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide and the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle. and

Dates: April 2, 2018 7 to 9PM
Available by: Attend in NYC Classroom Only (learn more about videoconference)
Suggested Love Offering: $ 25.00

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