Community from the Heart

Community from the Heart

How does one begin to build stronger communities in a world that seems to discourage empathy and cooperation?

“Before directing the lightning in the sky, we must first harness the storms in our own hearts.”
- Roberto Brenes Mesén

How does one begin to build stronger communities in a world that seems to discourage empathy and cooperation? Cultivating greater empathy for others does not occur without investigating our own inner landscapes. Like gardeners removing weeds, we must clear out obstacles that prevent us from opening our hearts-obstacles such as fear, judgment, and staying stuck in our stories. As we begin to calm the mind and strengthen our capacity to stay in the moment, we are better able to face the challenges of these chaotic times with greater equanimity and more resilience. In the process, we can become more aware of ourselves and, in turn, others.

If youʼre reading this, you may already be an emotionally intelligent and mindful person. But have you ever experienced burnout? Do you want to know how to speak your truth without being unkind? Are you a spiritual leader or someone who works in the helping professions? In this workshop, you will learn and experience a unique synergy between HeartMath® and Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We do this with the tools of the Connection Practice that integrates the head and heart to realize our deepest empathy and highest wisdom. This becomes crucial, particularly when faced with interpersonal conflicts which are opportunities to turn our heart-centered awareness toward the people around us, especially as the turmoil of the “outside” world is so often played out in our communities. Once youʼve connected the intelligence of your head with the wisdom of your heart, you will create stronger, more deeply connected communities.



Ellen Synakowski

Ellen Synakowski's passion is sharing social and emotional skills that contribute to a more connected world. Through teaching and coaching, she helps individuals and groups learn, practice, and integrate these tools so their lives and organizations are efficient, energized, and free of fear. She takes pleasure in seeing someone experience a new way of being that is life-affirming and resilient to whatever life may present. She's an energy activist who advocates for gaining and retaining energy through skillful connections to ourselves and others. Credentials: MA journalism, BA business, Certified Trainer and Coach-Rasur Foundation and HeartMath®, LMT, RCST. More information can be found on her website:

OneSpirit Elective Credit: 1.0
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Price: General Public: $ 95.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 85.00

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