Creating Coming of Age Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Creating Coming of Age Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

As a child enters adolescence, profound changes take place not only in their physicality, but also their minds and emotions. For generations, cultures all over the world have celebrated this profound shift from “child” to “adult” with rituals and ceremonies – Bar/Bat mitzvah, Confirmation, Rumspringa, Sweet 16, Quinceañera, etc. These rites of passage allow us to move from who we were to whom we are called to become.

These days, it seems that mainstream American culture is lacking in these rituals, though their significance is just as important as ever. In this class, we will explore how to create meaningful rituals, and courses of study for the initiate, that will speak to new generations and their parents. You will learn how to integrate traditions, cultural customs, and spirituality into unique ceremonies that work for the entire family.

Dates: Sunday, February 12, 2017 9:30am to 5pm ET

OneSpirit Elective Credit: 1.0

Available by: Audiobook Download & Videoconference Recording (click to learn more)

Price: General Public: $ 95.00

One Spirit Graduates: $ 80.00

Student Upcharge: $ 0.00


Faculty: Robert & Franne Demetrician and Chani Getter

Rev. Franne Demetrician, was ordained through One Spirit in 2003 and served as a first year dean for 13 years. Born into the Jewish tradition, Franne has always had an eclectic vision of her spirituality and has been naturally “Interfaith” all of her life. She has a deeply held conviction that interfaith and interspiritual understanding are at the heart of the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (healing the world) and sees One Spirit as a catalyst for that understanding and healing. She and her husband have founded and host a monthly meeting of the Common Ground Interfaith Study Group and are certified trainers of Infinite Possibilities and Playing the Matrix, teaching people how to live an intentional life. She is also a spiritual counselor, couples mentor, artist and photographer.

Rev. Bob Demetrician was the chief audio recording engineer at One Spirit Learning Alliance from its inception in 2002 until recently. Drawing from his varied background (professional musician/recording engineer, corporate IT programmer/analyst, interfaith minister and spiritual counselor), he brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to his ministry. He has also served as a hospice spiritual counselor for the Visiting Nurse Association of Mercer County, NJ, and Jacob Perlow Hospice in New York. He is a member of Spiritual Directors International, and hosts a monthly interfaith community meeting called Common Ground with his wife, Rev. Franne. They are certified trainers of Infinite Possibilities and Playing the Matrix and they teach workshops and retreats informed by all of their collective wisdom resources.

Rev. Chani Getter, Founder of Inspirational Living, Inc., grew up in an ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish home. At the age of 23, she left her arranged marriage and began an unusual spiritual journey with her three children, an eclectic path that enables her to remain connected to her roots. She is a spiritual leader and teacher who combines personal development, spiritual learning, and age-old wisdom to create courses and ceremonies that are welcoming and meaningful to all people. She blends the discoveries of her personal growth alongside the ancient teachings from the Jewish tradition, a meaningful part of her own youth. She brings a non-judgemental approach to important contemporary topics and her work is far-reaching, touching individuals and professionals in North America and Europe.

If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected] or call 212-931-6840 x 0.

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